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15 Desire Sacral Chakra Affirmations And Therapeutic Guides

Are you experiencing emotional, sexual, or creative dissonance?

If you do, you may have a sacral chakra blockage…

But before you worry, remember that there are many ways to correct this imbalance and resume enjoying life’s joys!

Using sacral chakra affirmations is one of the most effective methods to unblock your sacral chakra!

This entails daily repetition of a mantra, journaling about it, or integrating it into your meditation.

Which Chakra Is Your Sacral?

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The sacral chakra, located in the lower belly (below the navel), is the energy center for creativity, vigor, passion, joy, and sexuality. When your sacral chakra is balanced, you experience an increase in your capacity for openness, adaptability, compassion, and forgiveness. You take pleasure in all of life’s pleasures and are able to unwind, have fun, and play.

Additionally, this is your energy center for sensuality, sexuality, and expressing your wants. A balanced sacral chakra increases your chances of having a good connection with your body, as well as good interpersonal connections with others.

I’ve included 15 sacral chakra affirmations below to assist in maintaining a steady and harmonious flow of energy into and out of this energy point.

If you’re interested in learning more about chakras, including how to balance and repair them, check out my other chakra articles for more effective sacral chakra healing tools.

Moreover, read through to the bottom of this page to understand completely these sacral chakra affirmations.

What Are 15 Promising Sacral Chakra Affirmations?

•   I am receptive to the creative flow.

•   I am an artist, a passionate person, and an inspiration.

•   I’m filled with pleasure, vitality, and vitality.

•   I am a source of pure, good energy.

•   My emotions flow easily and in a healthy manner.

•   I allow good energy to flow easily through me.

•   My life is creative, lively, and passionate.

•   I am a pure pleasure, wealth, and wealth vibration.

•   Prosperity comes incessantly to and through me.

•   I am creating a lovely life devoid of worry, tension, and fear.

•   I am entitled to complete and pure pleasure.

•   My inheritance is an unconditional pleasure.

•   I create room for play in my life.

•   Play is a need, not a luxury.

•   In my everyday existence, it is appropriate for me to chose pleasure and play.

A learner’s guide to the world of the sacral chakra

Meditation is a technique that existed long before we were born. It is believed that to some extent, it was a medical practice that helped to heal some illnesses. However, meditation holds some benefits to the body and soul. Some of these benefits include reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health, fighting addiction, and enhancing self-awareness. There are several meditations practiced around the globe for general stress relief. The sacral chakra, a meditation technique that holds excellent benefits to the body, has been practiced for centuries.

Chakras are seven in number and are the main energy centers in the body. Chakra mediation focuses on unblocking the energy centers, and its benefits include harmonious existence between the physical body, mind, and spirit. The chakra root, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra are the body’s seven energy centers. The energy centers are co-dependent on each other, and in case one of the center’s energy is blocked, it affects the others.

Sacral chakra or the swadhisthana is located slightly below the navel, right in the center of the lower belly and the back. It is found in the lumbar spine and is mainly associated with an orange color and water element. Somebody organs such as the genitals, abdominal, and lower back correspond to the sacral chakra. Sacral chakra starts to develop t the age of eight to fourteen years. Reduced sexual pleasure during intercourse is believed to be a result of the blocking of the sacral chakra.

A root to solving your reduced sexual pleasure is seeking to unblock the sacral chakra. Reduced sexual pleasure may be caused by depression, anxiety, and poor body image. The sacral chakra is the center of emotions, feelings and is known to stimulate pleasure when practiced. Therefore, sacral plays a significant role in improving our sexuality and expressing our sexual needs and desires. The sacral chakra is linked with emotions, feelings, sensuality, pleasure, creativity, fantasies, well-being, empathy, nurturing, change, warmth, and intimacy as some of its characteristics.

The guide to start your sacral chakra meditation is by first analyzing your sexual pleasure and how one is comfortable. Is one comfortable with their body, or are they suffering from anxiety and depression? It is important to note that an imbalanced sacral chakra can also lead to anemia, hypoglycemia, joint problems, spleen and kidney issues, and premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, our bodies should always be our priorities.

To begin your journey of healing, first sit in a room that is free from interruptions. The feet should be fully touching the floor, and the sit bones and spine should be tall. Next, close your eyes to avoid destruction and start to take deep breathes. Once you feel comfortable and relaxed enough, ask yourself the following questions and make sure, to be honest, while answering them. These questions are a guide to learn about yourself and identify where your blockage is located.

·     In which areas do you experience pleasure?

·     What areas do you let yourself not experience pleasure?

·     Are you creative and sensual?

·     How many times do you indulge in activities that bring joy to you?

·     How many times do you indulge in things that you do not enjoy participating in them?

Once you have accomplished the activity, you should have clear answers on your balance. For example, if your sacral chakra is imbalanced, the following actions should help you balance your sacral chakra.

·     Exercise regularly– exercises can be in a different form; take one that you are comfortable with, even if it is dancing

·     Use essential oils to help with the healing. The essential oils include patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood, clary sage, ylang-ylang, rose, and orange. Use the oils by applying them or soaking in a bath that has them.

·     Meditation– one should visual the orange color that helps to activate the sacral chakra.

·     Learn to let go– any emotional trauma holding you back from healing should be expressed either by writing a journal or talking to a close friend. It is scientifically proven that expressing what you feel inside through words helps one let go of issues affecting them.

·     Surround yourself with affirmation quotes. The subtitles maybe hang around the house or office to constantly remind you that you are enough.

·     Go for a swim or walks along the beach. Water is an element of the sacral chakra and helps one to meditate, unblocking their energies.

·     Implement a bright shade of orange into your surroundings. For example, the home or office walls can be painted orange or wear an orange item in color. Orange color helps one to activate the flow of the sacra energy.

·     During meditation time, do sacral poses that help in healing. These poses include open-angle pose, cow face pose, reclining bound angle pose, half frog pose, fire log pose, and one-legged king pigeon pose.

In addition, eating healthy foods recommended for sacral healing will go a great way to fasten your recovery. Foods rich in fats are beneficial for the sacral chakra. Seeds such as poppy, sesame, hemp, pumpkin, flax, and sunflower are rich sources of healthy fats. Other foods that are rich in fats include fish and nuts. Foods that are orange in color are also recommended to help in healing these foods include carrots, oranges, papayas, mandarins, and pumpkin.

For successful healing, one should implement a mixture of healing methods. Note that recuperating is a cycle. It takes time before the full results are seen—the above techniques to be implemented into once daily activities for maximum sacral chakra healing. Always have an open mind to try out new things. The sacral chakra is an assured way to having an improved sense of balance, well-being, pleasure, and adventurous sexuality.

Every journey starts with a first step. Let your inner healing start from this first step toward a great you. A sacral chakra practice a day means a happy and healthy you.

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What Are the Chakra Affirmation Benefits?

Develop extraordinary willpower

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Due to the fact that chakra meditation enables us to grow stronger from the center outwards, we are able to cultivate an enormous amount of willpower. Contextual analyses have shown that contemplation has helped people in stopping smoking and has even mended cases of chronic drug use.

Increased appreciation for life

Life may be challenging. At times, it may seem as if we are carrying the whole world on our shoulders. I can promise that after one week of chakra meditation, you will feel less anxious and more appreciative of each day.

The capacity to change something bad into something good

Chakra meditation teaches us to open our thoughts when confronted with a bad circumstance. The capacity to recognize the good in the terrible becomes simpler to develop, as does the capacity to cope with the terrible. Additionally, you will be able to gain knowledge from your experiences, whether positive or negative.

advantages of chakra meditation, chakra healing, inner peace, anxiety relief, and self-awareness

Greater capacity for self-healing

Even if you practice chakra meditation on a regular basis, daily life may still affect you. Perhaps a snide remark made by someone, the betrayal of a friend, or even the death of a loved one. This is quite natural. Chakra healing enables us to reach and repair the particular area of our body that is in pain.

The advantages of chakra meditation include finding inner peace, relieving worry, and getting to know oneself.

Enhance one’s feeling of self-worth

Underneath it all, through developing inner strength, we are able to recognize our self-worth. Numerous individuals continue from day to day, week to week, and year to year unaware of their self-worth. Self-esteem is necessary for inner pleasure.


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When you look in the mirror, do you say to yourself, ‘Hmm, I wish my face weren’t so chubby?’ or ‘Ugh, I hate my nose.’ We all have insecurities, both internal and external. Some of us believe we lack courage, intelligence, or humor.

It’s time to look at yourself and embrace yourself for who you are. Chakra healing enables you to get access to this acceptance and strengthens you as a person.

The determination to pursue your goals

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With the advantages of chakra meditation combined, you’ll finally feel as if you can accomplish anything. Whether it’s a long-held ambition, a new pastime, or perhaps that particular someone.

advantages of chakra meditation, chakra healing, inner peace, anxiety relief, and self-awareness

Increase your intuitiveness

Chakra meditation enables us to get a better understanding of our emotions. Have you ever had the sensation that you’re angry or unhappy but can’t quite put your finger on why? Chakra meditation enables you to more precisely identify your emotions and the underlying reasons behind your feelings.

A more lucid and concentrated mind

Another incredible advantage of chakra meditation (or simply meditation in general) is a tenfold increase in attention, memory, and attention. With your head clear from meditation and your emotions under control, you can focus on more mundane tasks!

advantages of chakra meditation, chakra healing, inner peace, anxiety relief, and self-awareness

Relieve Anxiety

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Feeling anxious about the future? Are you too fearful of all the avalanche-like consequences of each situation? Begin by meditating on the chakras. It is very beneficial for anxiety.

Even doing it a few times a week may help alleviate anxiety, allowing you to enjoy your day more!

Final Remarks

There you have it, gentlemen and ladies! I really hope you give chakra affirmation a try and reap the rewards. If you’re interested in learning more about chakra healing and meditation, we have everything you need to be an expert.

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