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11 Essentials of Throat Chakra Assertions

Throat Chakra is the fifth primary Chakra following the Hindu tantra beliefs. The Hindu’s also referred to it as the Vishudda. This Chakra handles

·     Communication

·     Singing

·     Self-expression

·     Speech creativity

·     Writing

·     Art

We find throat Chakra at the base of the throat in the middle of the Larynx. It corresponds with the brachial plexi and pharyngeal while connecting to the tongue, jaw, and pharynx. We also associated the throat chakra with the thyroid gland that controls metabolic processes such as growth and energy release.

With so many elements connected, throat chakra allows you to communicate effectively. It also represents your inspiration and expression towards things, thus, forms a powerful body and verbal connection.

Characteristics of Throat Chakra

Blue Color: Throat Chakra gets characterized by the color blue that aid in the exploration of every self-expression level. Blue represents the color of communication that provides us with authority to speak the truth. It also stands for a spectrum of colours that allows your body and mind to experience stability, mental purity and positive thinking.

Expands Mind: The primary element of the Throat Chakra is the Akasha or space. Space gives you the ability to develop your beliefs. It also allows you to seek the truth and speak it out by governing your internal communication with yourself. A balanced throat Chakra enhances your ability to listen to positive energy and understand others well.

Sometimes, your throat chakra can lose balance. Here are a few signs:

·     The difficulty of tuning into your true-self

·     Dominating conversations

·     Hormone fluctuation

·     Hiding opinions

·     Hiding your desires to yourself and others

·     Gossiping

·     Neck pain

·     Difficulty listening to others


11 Imperatives of Throat Chakra Affirmations

It is essential to keep your throat Chakra clear for better communication and representation of oneself. Here are 11 essential of throat Chakra reassertion.

Vishuddha Incense and Oil

One of the most critical elements that can help you clear your chakra throats is burning Vishuddha incense and essential oils. This makes powerful aromatherapy that boasts top-notch healing properties that give you a sense of belonging. To quickly open your throat, Chakra, you can burn

·     Ether incense

·     Essential oils such as basil, sandalwood, cypress, peppermint, bergamot and juniper.

·     Frankincense candles with aromas such as lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, cloves, sage and geranium

Essential oils make you calm and restore your strength and ability to speak your truth. They are also easy to use in that you only drop a few drops of the aromatherapy oils in an aroma diffuser or a bowl of warm water and then steam -inhale. You can also use a throat chakra aroma roll-on diluted in Jojoba oil to roll it on your neck area.

Repeating Positive Affirmations for Authenticity

Practicing affirmations is one of the best methods of opening throat Chakra. You can repeat some positive affirmations to break old patterns and create new ones. It may speak out affirmations loudly or in mind. If you repeat the affirmations daily, you gain maximum benefits that give you the self-confidence to communicate to yourself and others.

The affirmations have a more significant impact when repeated in the morning because you are fresh after having a good night’s sleep. But you can practice it you’re comfortable because there isn’t any rule of the thumb to it.

The most important thing is understanding each affirmation and repeating them with powerful conviction, and trying to believe in what you say. Here are some of the positive affirmations you can speak out.

·     I speak and listen to the truth

·     I am comfortable when speaking my mind

·     I can communicate with confidence and ease

·     I am an active listener

·     I have control over what I say and listen to

·     I have trust in myself and others

·     I boast peaceful and creative ideas

·     I am compassionate towards others

·     I love myself

·     I have a clear and powerful voice

Practice Yoga Postures That Help Open Throat Chakra

Practicing Yoga helps you to connect with your spiritual and physical body through asanas postures. We associate the throat chakra with the blue color and HAM syllable. So, it is crucial to visualize the color blue while chanting the mantra HAM while practicing throat chakra yoga. This helps in opening your throat, Chakra.

Throat Chakra Yoga is crucial for connecting with your breath and helps you to release tension and gain extra energy in the throat and thyroid area. Several poses help to extend and flex your neck. However, if you boast of a previous neck injury or experiencing some pain, ensure that you consult your doctor before engaging in any throat chakra yoga moves. Some of the best throat chakra yoga poses include fish pose, plough pose, camel, shoulder stand and cat-cow with lion’s breath.

Mindfulness Meditation

Quieting the mind is an essential aspect of connecting with your inner truth. Mindfulness meditation is a technique that helps you calm your thoughts and focus your attention on breathing. Every time you inhale, focus your thoughts on yourself. Breath in again and exhale. Eliminate every distractive thought and stay calm.

After clearing your thoughts, you can now sit on your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Find a position that will allow you to meditate for enough time. Start meditating while seated, and if you feel you want to move, do so with calmness and mindfulness.

Throat Chakra meditation is easy, and you shouldn’t strain while doing it. Allow yourself to breathe in and out freely and deeply while meditating. At the base of your throat lies a tiny blue light that spins with each deep breath. This is the light that you should grow to achieve an open throat chakra.

As you continue to expand the blue light, focus it to your throat and let it form a coat both inside and out. This illuminates your voice box, thyroid and entire neck. As the blue light heals your throat, try chanting some hums silently as you breathe in and out simultaneously. This will allow you to connect with your inner self and open your throat, Chakra.

Throat Chakra Stones

Throat chakra stones play a significant role in helping you clear your throat and speak your truth. The rocks are energy healers and add crystals that help clear your throat. Colors and gemstones such as Lapis, blue lace agate, aquamarine and blue kyanite are believed to assist the Throat Chakra into balance. Throat chakra stones allow you to sleep well, gather your inner strength, attract abundance and calm down anxiety. This gives time for your throat to heal, gain self-confidence and speak out your truth. Some of the best gemstones you can use for your throat include Agate, Lapis and blue kyanite.


Singing is one way of opening your root chakra. When you first sing your favorite healing song, you put yourself in a position of realizing and retrieving your inner spirit. When you reach a certain point, you will hear your sound ringing. It comes with power without using much effort.

This is singing yourself alive where all your vocals become open and harmonious. Singing also allows you to express yourself, speak out your truth and boost your confidence. It easily opens up your throat, Chakra.

Water is life, and your throat needs to stay alive. So, it is essential always to keep your throat hydrated with water, tea or soothing beverages. At all costs, avoid alcoholic drinks, high starch and sugar or artificial chemicals. Water not only opens your throat, Chakra but also keeps your entire body hydrated. Proper hydration rejuvenates your body and mind, giving you confidence and strength to express your truth.

Pampering the Neck

We connect the throat chakra to your neck. So, when you decide to pamper your neck, you’re also treating and taking measures to heal your throat. There are many ways you can do this. You can either soak yourself in a bath, go for a massage or take time to relax.

Another way of offloading stress from your neck is by using healing rocks. Healing rocks allow you to rebalance your throat Chakra by revitalizing its reflex points using your hands and feet.

Connect your big toe with your feet halfway down your thumb. You can do this while wearing a memento mori to hit the reflex point of the left thumb. More you can invest in a throat chakra ring that helps you open and balance your throat Chakra.

Eating Right

What you eat affects your throat, Chakra, either positively or negatively. Today your focus is on foods that open up your throat, Chakra. Think about foods with attractive colors and carry a little of the blue color that is the throat chakra.

Think of blueberries, grapes, purple carrots, blackberries and aubergine—such foods aid in nourishing your throat Chakra and boost your antioxidants. Alternatively, you can also consume tree growing foods such as pears and apples that help clear your throat Chakra. Such fruits are authentic since we picked them directly them the tree and contain no additives or artificial chemicals that can harm your throat Chakra.

Natural foods give you the energy that allows you to express yourself confidently and truthfully. They make your voice audible, and you can communicate with ease to others and yourself. A clear voice represents integrity, love, and strength.

Purifying the Body

Vishuddha stands for purity, and a pure throat makes a clear throat chakra. The throat chakra is famous for restoring energy by detoxifying body and mind impurities. So, it is advisable to stay in a clean environment with little to no air pollution. This is because a polluted climate boasts many toxins which harm your throat when breathed in for a long time.

It is also essential to eat pure food and drinks with detoxifying agents that keep your throat clean and active. An open throat Chakra contributes to health preservation and keeps diseases such as sore throats and bronchitis.

See Blue

As earlier mentioned, we associate the throat chakra with the color blue. Blue represents purity and calmness. It brings about a soothing effect and healing. It also forms a link with a divine power that brings you closer to your beliefs.

Therefore, to open your throat, Chakra, see blue in everything that you do. It will open the element of space and allow your emotions to expand to more freedom. For example, you can picture a summer sky in your mind while meditating. This will help your body to focus and think positively bring out the truth in you.

Speak the Truth with Kindness

Throat Chakra is all about self-expression. The form of communication you rely upon others and self affects your balance. So, speaking the truth at all times to your inner being and others will open your throat, Chakra, and set you free.

The truth will open your throat, Chakra, and make you happy, confident, and trustworthy. You will find satisfaction with nothing holding you back. You will always think positively and avoid lousy influence because you love transparent things that boast nothing but the truth.

Final Thoughts

Throat Chakra is one of the seven chakras that stands for purity. It calls for a balanced life where everything that comes out of your throat is authentic and healthy. For your throat Chakra to open, focus on the blue color, hydrate your body, speak the truth, eat right and purify your body from all internal and external toxins.