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Hypnobirthing Affirmations – Are They Suitable For You?

Hypnobirthing is an effective birthing method that uses self-hypnosis for pain management. It eliminates fear and anxiety associated with childbirth and replaces it with confidence, mental relaxation, and positivity, which are essential to the mothers-to-be in this natural and most crucial stage of their lives.

Mothers and partners who have embraced this birthing method have been successful since the process relaxes both the mind and the body.

Affirming something positive induces a positive notion in the subconscious mind, therefore, making the goal achievable. Creating positive birth affirmations, therefore, makes the birthing process calm and confident.

This article focuses on the Hypnobirthing affirmations, their impacts, and the benefits of mothers and partners experiencing birthing. Do not be left out!

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Hypnobirthing affirmations and why they are suitable for you

Coming up with these affirmations and decorating your room with them becomes a daily reminder of your strengths, the positivity of giving life, the importance of your body, and your life goals which, of course, includes the birthing stage.

Hypnobirthing is the most natural birthing process since the mother does not have to take any medication, for instance, pain-related medications.

1. I feel confident, I feel safe, and I feel secure

This affirmation reminds the expectant mother that no matter the hardships encountered throughout the birthing process, she is always confident that she can safely deliver her healthy baby. She is assured of security herself and keeps her baby well at all times.

This affirmation builds the mother’s trust and makes her believe in herself and her capabilities.

2. I can see my baby’s gaze meet with mine

Picturing her baby’s gaze is another kind of unexplainable joy for a mother. It gives her the inner strength and the ability to stay focused, even if it is for her baby’s sake.

3. I feel good about the changes that are taking place inside my body

It is normal for every mother at the birthing stage to experience different changes and cravings at childbirth related to hormonal changes.

However hostile they may seem, the above affirmation reminds a mother to be positive and not allow any form of rage and hunger to consume her joy and peace of mind.

4. Birthing is a natural process of my mind, body, and spirit, together with that of my unborn child

Reminding themselves that birth is a natural process enables every mother to allow themselves and the baby to be united, think together, and overcome any form of fear that may come with birthing.

5. Just breathe, inhale…, exhale… repeat

Breathing is essential for the survival of every living being. Gentle and calm breathing allows mind and body relaxation since the mother is sure that her baby is happy and breathing as well.

6. Millions of women just like me are giving birth worldwide daily

Knowing that you are not the only one facing something essential and at the same time life-changing enables you to embrace that togetherness and have that sense of belonging. Every mother has that motherly instinct to protect their own and can do whatever it takes to achieve it.

7. I can feel my baby smile

This sentiment is entirely valid though some people may consider it a joke. Interacting with experienced mothers, however, teaches you that nothing is impossible. As a mother feels her baby Kick, she knows that the baby is happy; therefore, her subconscious mind creates an image of her smiling little angel.

8. I am creating a suitable environment for my baby to grow

Every kind of mother is happy after they have made a decision and is convinced that giving life is a natural form of love. Therefore, creating the affirmations reminds the mother that her baby will need a comfortable and suitable environment to grow up. This creates positivity in her mind that she has to be healthy and happy for the baby.

9. Whenever I am anxious, I breathe gently and calmly

Taking deep and gentle breaths when one is anxious is of great help for someone suffering from anxiety attacks. Hypnobirthing gives a mother a chance to be relaxed in both mind and soul, mostly when they take these deep but gentle ‘breaths of life’ as most refer to it.

10. I am optimistic that my baby will be healthy and happy

Being positive about every situation we face in life is one of the best ways to overcome it. We have to allow our faith and believes in a better life to be greater than our fear of pain and anxiety.

11. I was born to do this

We all have a purpose as to why we are who we are. For every mother, one of those purposes and the greatest of them is to give life, raise and nurture a generation of young children from our flesh. Reminding yourself this on a daily basis provides strength and power.

12. My baby believes in me

Self-hypnosis techniques allow the mother to understand that her baby trusts that she can love and provide everything necessary for the baby’s health. That her baby believes in her as she trusts the process. This means that she no longer has to live for herself only but also for her unborn baby.

13. I trust the process

Trusting that everything will fall into place at its timing is another important affirmation for birthing. Just like a building takes time from the beginning of the construction to its functionality, the birthing process is a step that takes nine months since the conception phase, all of which is a demanding but amazing journey in a person’s life.

14. My body is strong… I can do this

Whenever you feel like your body can’t manage the birthing process, be it because you think you are weak or underweight, remind yourself that you are strong and that others before you have managed successfully. You are strong! You can do it.

15. I am natured by the mothers around me, quietly encouraging me

Using the examples of others around you, mothers who have given birth more than once, you are highly motivated and are encouraged by their capabilities. If they did, you sure can too. Stay focused on your goal.

16. My body is filled with love hormones

Loving someone unconditionally means that you can do anything to protect and keep them safe. You can change your bad habits for the sake of your happiness. Therefore, reminding yourself that you are filled with love hormones encourages you to do anything you are taught in your hypnobirthing classes or by your doctor. Love is surely a powerful thing.

17. My baby is loved

When you are at the birthing stage, your baby is your priority. You shift your energy from focusing on work stuff and other issues and ensure that your baby gets all the love in the world.

18. My baby deserves all the Peace, Joy, and happiness in the world

Just like happiness, joy and peace are essential in any marriage and family, every newborn baby deserves all the attention from their family and especially the mother. The baby deserves to be treated with care and raised in an environment where they feel comfortable and are provided with any basic necessity every child requires.

19. My birth is going to be miraculous

Birthing is the most important thing every mother focuses on from the moment they conception. Most think of it as a scary, painful process that can be fatal. However, Hypnobirthing affirmations remind you that this process is a miracle. It only takes a few hours or even less after the beginning of labor.

20. I look forward to being a mother

Every aspiring mother is always eager to give birth and start taking care of their source of joy. Every good thing, however, comes with a price. To happily hold and take care of your child, you have to be courageous and patient or rather to trust the process. Be willing to encounter the hardships that come with pregnancy, body changes, and the birthing experience itself. This, however, is not so hard with hypnobirthing.

21. I am trying my best to be a good mother to my child, even though I may not be perfect

Reminding yourself that you are not perfect keeps you from comparing yourself and competing with others who may be above your class. Comparison can only steal your joy and bring negative thoughts that are not good for your baby.

This affirmation will remind you that your baby will be happy as long as you are trying your best.

22. My baby and I are doing this together

You should remind yourself that your baby is trying as hard to be healthy and happy as you are. This will give you hope whenever you are about to give up and encourage you that the baby wants to be born and experience the adventures of the world as you do.

23. My body knows what it is doing

You remind yourself this whenever you are worried that you do not know what to do when the time comes. Trust yourself and in your body. Remind yourself that your body knows everything about the birthing process.

24. Every wave in my body brings the baby closer to me

Convincing yourself that the sudden rush in blood and every tissue in your body, however painful or uncomfortable it may feel, brings you closer to your baby gives you even greater joy and courage and encourages you to persevere.

25. I believe in myself and I believe that I am capable of doing this

Trusting yourself is always the first step to success. Believing that you can go through with the entire process easily and successfully makes it possible in your mind and therefore lifts your spirit and makes you feel even stronger.

26. I am flexible

Flexibility in hypnobirthing includes physical and mental, and spiritual flexibility, which is the connection every mother has with her unborn child.

27. I am prepared to receive my baby

Being ready for the birthing process means that you as a mother will not be surprised or, even worse, be shocked if the baby is born on an earlier date. Birthing can be a crucial process for both the mother and the child if one is not prepared when the time comes.

28. My baby is strong

Daily affirming that your baby is strong gives your mind the relaxation of knowing that your baby will survive the birthing process, however hard it can be.

It also encourages you that you and your baby are after a common goal and will not let each other down no matter the situation.

29. Meditating my affirmations daily prepares me for a comfortable and easier birthing

The above hypnobirthing affirmations are essential for the development of a healthy life. Therefore, they should be daily read and meditated to enhance mental relaxation and soul and prepare the body for the important task ahead.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

I. Manages pain naturally: Mothers who have undergone these birthing methods have been able to manage pain, fear, and anxiety without necessarily taking any form of medication. This is the best considering that most of these medications cause a number of side effects on the mother or the baby or even both in the worst-case scenarios.

II. Gives a feeling of control- Research indicates that women who have undergone this birthing method feel that they are in control of their bodies, changes that occur to them, and both the labor and birth process.

III. Shorten labor- Hypnobirthing has been known to shorten the labor process from the past experiences of most mothers. Hypnosis is mostly known to shorten labor in the first stages with severe contractions as the cervix opens.

IV. Help mothers who have experienced cases of trauma- Hypnobirthing help individuals who have experienced problems with childbirth or those with a general fear of birthing and labor.

V. Result in healthy babies- This is mainly because the baby develops in a healthy environment from the early stages of development. A healthy mother meditating the hypnobirthing affirmations regularly eats well and has a relaxed body and mind, therefore, giving birth to a healthy baby.

Final verdict

Hypnobirthing is the best, unique, and life-saving method of birthing. Prioritize your health, and your baby’s as well.

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