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47 Must Express Gratitude Affirmations

Gratitude is often defined as appreciation, gratefulness, thankfulness, and just comforting. Showing your gratitude can benefit you and others around you, it can be both an emotion and an appreciation. As an appreciation, you show your gratitude for the good things in your life or towards someone that has given you a gift or are the gift themselves. As an emotion, when you feel gratitude, or grateful, it gives you a warm feeling thinking about all the things that someone has done for you, all of the things you are lucky to have in life and it is an emotion that motivates you to make it through the day. Affirmations are defined as statements that are declared to be true, or an assertion that something exists. A person’s emotions often feed off of their thoughts, gratitude affirmations can leave you or someone you love feeling positive and good about themselves because someone is thankful to have them.

Gratitude Affirmations

1.“I am thankful to the Universe for everything in my life.”

Recognizing that the universe has given you everything in your life and just thinking about and being thankful for everything in your life can leave you with such a powerful feeling.

2.“I have access to nourishing food and clean water, and I am so thankful.”

Some people unfortunately are not very fortunate enough to have access to enough food or clean water to keep them healthy. Reminding yourself that you are fortunate to have these things can be expressing your gratitude in a positive way.

3.“While my thoughts might vary from day to day, my giving of thanks extends far beyond what I think about on a daily basis. My grateful spirit is present in each step and action that I take.”

Realizing that even though you don’t always think the same things, you can still think about how grateful you are. With each step and action you take you can show appreciation to be able to take those steps and actions.

4.“I am thankful I am releasing all worry and feeling calmness within.”

Relieving yourself of feeling worryful is a great gift to give yourself. Though calmness can be achieved in more than one way, releasing worrying thoughts can promote calmness in yourself.

5.“The world excites and motivates me.”

The world can be very cruel sometimes, but realizing and being thankful for the motivation and excitement that the world does bring can be a wonderful way to show your gratitude.

6.“Every person that touches my life and enriches it. I am thankful to them.”

Being grateful to the people that have helped you through your struggles, can enrich not only your life but also your soul and spirit.

7. â€œEvery person I meet can teach me something. I am grateful for their wisdom.”

People can teach lessons to each other, good lessons or bad lessons it doesn’t matter, you grow from those lessons and gain wisdom from their teachings.

8.“While I might not say it every day, I am always grateful for the love I receive. I try to give love to the best of my ability and I am grateful for the love I have yet to receive.”

Love is a very strong emotion and it is natural to crave love and affection as humans, being thankful for the love you recieve and will receive is a great way to feel gratitude.

9. â€œI totally appreciate my body, as I nurture it with healthy food and fresh water.”

It is important to keep our bodies healthy and nourished. Appreciating your body and all that it does for you can bring you great peace.

10.“I appreciate all the events that make up this world, big and small.”

No matter the event, it is important in making the world what it is today. We as humans learn from our mistakes, eventually, and grow to be better versions of our species.

11.“I realize that every situation in life has some purpose and thank the Universe for it.”

There are many people that believe in fate, this gratitude affirmation goes along the lines of being grateful for all of the situations you were able to experience, go through, face and survive.

12.“My pets are a source of comfort and unconditional love. I am so lucky to have them.”

Everybody who has ever owned a pet knows that our furry companions give us unconditional love. Being grateful for your pet’s love and companionship is sure to give you the gratitude feeling and maybe encourage you to go buy them some treats or give them extra attention to show your thanks.

13.“I wake up every day grateful for the beauty that I see in the nature that surrounds me. I know I do not pause enough to appreciate everything but that does not lessen my gratitude.”

As humans, we are always so busy with our everyday lives that we sometimes forget to “stop and smell the roses”. That doesn’t make us any less grateful for the nature and beauty around us.

14.“I am grateful I am making a positive contribution today.”

Making positive contributions to society and the people around us can give us quite the warm feeling inside. Although we should not just do it for the feeling we get but also be grateful that we are able to make a positive contribution in someone’s life.

15.“Nature gives peace to my soul and serenity to my mind.”

Nature is indeed very beautiful and refreshing, many people meditate and just enjoy being in nature and realizing just how lucky they are to experience that beauty.

16.“I realize that whatever I eat and drink passes through many hands before reaching me. I am thankful to all these people.”

Farmers, stockers, grocery clerks, bakers and many more professions are set to making food and drinks that our bodies can flourish from.

17.“With a sense of gratitude, I see the world in a new light. Each day is an opportunity and a gift.”

It is true, you do not know when today will be your last day. Each day is in fact a gift and an opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

18.“I will always work to find something in my life to appreciate no matter how dark the days might get. There is always something for me to be grateful for.”

This is pretty true and an incredible thought to ponder on. No matter how we are feeling or how bad our situation is, there is always something to be grateful for, for some people it may be waking up to a new day and for others it may be watching their kids grow and play.

19.“I am grateful my positive mind attracts positive circumstances.”

It is said that a positive mind attracts positive circumstances. This is true in a way, it is our thoughts and minds that determine what we are feeling and how we handle situations and experiences in our life.

20.“I’m grateful for the business and friendship opportunities that come across.”

Good friendships and business are hard to come by nowadays, it is definitely not a bad thing to be thankful for and appreciate.

21.“The air I breathe, the ground I walk on, are all a gift from the Universe. I express my gratitude for the same.”

We should all be appreciative for the air we are able to breathe and the ground we are blessed to keep us stable.

22.“To every teacher who has helped my learning and shaped me into the person I am today, I will be eternally grateful.”

Teachers are important to the growth and learning of the youth and even for some adults too. Teachers are there to offer us guidance and knowledge so that we know we have the option to live the best life we can possibly live.

23.“I take responsibility for my reality as I am its creator. I am grateful for everything that has happened in my life so far and will wake up every day expressing this gratitude.”

The choices we make in our life are the fundamentals of who we are as people. Most of us have our own experiences and qualities, but how we process those experiences and qualities is completely our choice.

24. â€œI am appreciative, that I feel worthy and deserving of all the good coming to me.”

Feeling like you’re worth something is a great feeling and a lot of people unfortunately do not have that feeling often, so when we do feel that we are deserving, being grateful for at least that can help us mentally in a positive way.

25.“I am thankful to be living happiness and joy today and every day.”

Seeing the happiness and joy in your day is completely up to you personally. Nobody else can feel that happiness and joy for you.

26.“I’m grateful for every moment I’ve had good experiences.”

Instead of focusing on just the negative and bad experiences, focusing on the good experiences tends to have a more positive affect on our mood and mental health.

27.“I am grateful for all the friends and colleagues in my life without whom my life would be incomplete.”

It is amazing to have such great friends or even colleagues, it is important to not only ourselves but others to be grateful for these people in our lives.

28.“I am grateful for my sense of gratitude, I know it is the way to joy, peace, and the life of my dreams.”

Unfortunately, some people may try but they cannot seem to find the right way to be grateful or appreciative. Being thankful that you can feel gratitude is in itself an awesome gratitude affirmation.

29.“I trust that the universe is supporting the highest good possible. For these reasons, I choose to see this as a season in my life and will appreciate it.”

You can even find gratitude in trusting that things happen for a reason, and the experiences you are going through or have gone through are fundamental in making you who you are.

30.“I am thankful I am finding my passion in life, that I can share with the world.”

A lot of people have not found something they are really passionate about, so you are quite lucky to have found your passion, and for that you should be thankful.

31.“Thank you to everyone who wants to make the world beautiful.”

There are a lot of beautiful souls that strive to make the world a better place for not only themselves but for all of us. Being thankful for them and being motivated by them are extremely good for your mental health.

32.“I am thankful for the wonderful nature around me and the chance to live in this incredible world.”

This world is pretty incredible, and again nature is so beautiful and should be something that we are all thankful for.

33.“I am thankful for my unique creativity and my capacity to enrich other people’s lives.”

Just being appreciative for the person you are is a great way to self motivate and essential in performing a form of self-care.

34.“Each day from here on out, I will pause for just a few minutes. This will allow me to appreciate the beauty that is life.”

Life is beautiful. The smile on a child’s face, or the wagging of your puppy’s tail are just small things to pause and take in. Just being able to observe the life going on around you is something to really be grateful for.

35.“I am grateful I am able to tap into my creativity whenever needed.”

Being a creative and imaginative person is a great quality to have. Some people lack the ability to do so, being thankful that those qualities are within you is essentially being grateful that you are you.

36.“I am thankful for the summer, winter and spring seasons.”

Every season brings us things that are essential to life, not just because of the holidays but because of the new fruits and vegetables that grow within those seasons.

37.“I am thankful for all the big and small blessings that I receive, which allows me to lead a fulfilling life.”

It is very fulfilling to show gratitude for blessings in your life, even if it is as small as being able to sit outside and enjoy the breeze or having your kitten rub up against you showing you unconditional love and affection.

38.“I am thankful to my parents for living me and teaching me. I know they did their very best.”

There are a lot of parents that are anything but good people to their children unfortunately. So if you are part of the lucky people that had amazing parents that nurtured you and taught you how to handle life the best way they could, that is a great thing to be thankful for.

39.“I am worthy of being loved even though some people might not see me that way. I am happy with what I am doing as it brings me a lot of joy.”

There are people out there that may strive to bring others down to make themselves feel better, but recognizing that you are worthy and proving those people are wrong is such an amazing thing for your soul and wellbeing.

40.“I am appreciative. I am worthy, valuable, and deserving to reach my greatest desires in life.”

You are usually the only person holding you back from your dreams. In life you must fight for what you want and sometimes you must fight hard. A lot of people lack that fight within themselves, but if you have that fight it is an amazing thing to recognize and be grateful for.

41.“I am grateful for everything I have experienced and will experience in the future.”

Experiences good or bad again make us the people we are today. Being appreciative for who you are can bring you so much peace.

42.“I firmly believe that things will only continue to get better in my life and I am thankful for that.”

Positive thoughts such as this one, can only bring you positive outcomes. Don’t just focus on the right now but focusing on the future and the great things to come is essential for your mental health.

43.“I see abundance all around me, and I feel so blessed.”

If there is an abundance of life, water, food, and love around you, you are a very lucky person and should be thankful to have those abundances in your life.

44.“I know that each day is going to bring new challenges. I embrace them and know they will make me a better person. I will strive every day to be a better person than I was the day before.”

Working towards being the best person you can be is so strong and motivational. We are faced with challenges each and every day, but those challenges can have amazing rewards.

45.“I am grateful to be contributing to the relationship with my soulmate.”

Soulmates come in many forms, they can be friends, spouses, partners or maybe even family members. Being grateful for that one special person that always is there for you and thankful that you can do the same for them is a great form of gratitude.

46.“I’m thankful for the food in my fridge, the supportive friends I have, and for the laughs we have together.

Support from our loved ones is extremely helpful, especially when we are unable to support ourselves. All of these things are wonderful to have in your life and you should be blessed that your life has granted you with them.

47.“Every new day makes me thankful for being alive and being able to experience the exuberance of life.”

Some people never have a chance to fully experience life, they are taken too soon or go through some sort of trauma that makes them unable to be able to enjoy future experiences. Being thankful that you are able to embrace and experience life can be so important to your mental health and wellbeing.

You can use these positive gratitude affirmations to keep yourself grounded, learn to be thankful for all of the things that you do have in life, and keep those pesky unhappy and negative thoughts to a minimum. Having gratitude can positively balance your mood, life, health, and promote great mental wellbeing. By using gratitude affirmations with yourself, you are essentially shaping the way you think in a positive way. This could leave you feeling more energetic, happier, and just all around enhance your mood to make you feel good inside and out.