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22 Inspiring Sleep Affirmations For Pleasant Rest

Sleep affirmation comprises mantras, short phrases, and quotes that help you keep your thoughts positive throughout the night. Positive thoughts give you hope that sweeps away all your worries. Sleep affirmations always work when you think positively. They help you dream of things that make joyful experiences.

We associate dreams with life experiences, mental states, and thoughts. So, positive thoughts mean you will have enough rest during the night, and when morning comes, you will wake up with a positive and energetic mind.

But what can you say to yourself before going to bed for a good night’s sleep? Here are 22 sleep affirmations that will give you a pleasant rest. The affirmations should include words and phrases that you love and uplift you.

Let’s discuss the 22 inspiring sleep affirmations below.

Rest Is A Virtue

“Sleep is a virtue” is one great affirmation that you can say to yourself repeatedly before heading to bed. After working for over 12 hours and then coming home to watch a few episodes, sleep can become tough to come by. But murmuring “sleep is a virtue” that will harmonize your brain and fall asleep in a few minutes. As you say these words, believe in them with emotions and visualization. That way, you will motivate yourself into real action. You can say this word on your own or ask a family member to help you repeat them.

I Deserve Rest

Rest is as good as a change, so is sleep. If you normalize telling your body, mind, and soul that it deserves rest at a particular time in the night, so it becomes. Keep telling your mind that you deserve some rest and recovery. This is the best affirmation to keep murmuring when overwhelmed or to want to keep things going.

Say these words in the first person and present tense to draw more emotions. This will help you visualize your desired outcome. Besides saying the words, you need to have a specific time of heading to bed. When your mind gets used and set, the affirmations become easy to put you to rest.

I will Sleep in Peace

Some people are afraid of the dark, especially children. So, they can practice the “I will sleep in peace” affirmation. This is an assurance affirmation that gives you hope you will have a peaceful sleep. What goes in the mind comes out, and as a result, you end up forgetting about all your fears and fall into sleep after repeating the affirmations. You can also tell yourself, “I will not get afraid of the darkness.” Ask your partner or parent to help you say these affirmations repeatedly and loudly. Then, as you continue murmuring, believe in the words and let yourself find the inner peace and courage that comes with them.


How about telling your mind and body later to too much work and series to watch? This word tells you to go to sleep, and you will handle anything pending tomorrow because your body now needs rest.

The body affirmation aids in silencing all random thoughts that can cross your mind and prevent you from sleeping. It only helps you focus on thoughts that sound like sleep, such as relaxing your muscles and breathing in and out to keep life’s worries at bay.

Repeat this mantra over and over and let it remind you that sleep is what you need at this moment. Let it sink, and in a few minutes, you will fall asleep.

I can Fall Asleep

Falling asleep for a pleasant rest is a technique, and sometimes it needs you to put effort into inspiring affirmation words. For example, after having several rough nights and insomnia, they bound you to have long days with a heavy head and probably migraines. That is why you should practice chanting phrases such as “I can fall asleep.”

This is a positive statement that allows you to confide in your body and keep at bay anything worrying you. In addition, it chases away all negative experiences that creep into your thoughts, causing undue pressure.

My thinking Is at Its Best When I Am Rested

If you have early morning presentations or exams, then you have a lot of cramming to do. However, you know you think best when your body and mind get rest, and you can adapt the phrase “I am at my best thinking capacity when I’m rested.”

Lie on your bed, repeat this word with deep belief, and let your body and mind go to sleep for some hours. After this, you will wake up with a new sense with a great capacity to cram and arrange PowerPoint presentations.

I Am Calm

Calmness makes the mind go to rest and can quickly put you to sleep. This means you have fewer worries, stress and your body and mind are free to come to rest. So, if you want to calm the storms in your mind and have some rest, you can chant the words “I Am Calm” repeatedly. Then, believe in what you say and set your mind free for some pleasant rest.

I am Going to Sleep, And I Will Stay Asleep

If you keep chanting the words “I am going to sleep and I will stay asleep,” sleep will come to you indefinitely. However, chant the words. These are positive and powerful words that take your brain and body to slumber land in due time.

I did My Best Today, and I Can Now Rest

After a long day at work with so much workload, you deserve to put your body and mind at rest. So you can chant this phrase to take you to slumber land “I did my best today and I can now rest.” Repeat these words over and over until you entirely fall asleep.

My Spirit and Mind are Tranquil and Still

If you find trouble sleeping, you can try chanting this mantra “My spirit and mind are tranquil and still.” Even when your mind wasn’t tranquil before, the powerful words will provide tranquility and stillness.

I Permit Myself to Sleep Deeply

Only you can allow yourself to go to sleep and let your body and mind rest. Once you set up that attitude and repeatedly chant, “I permit myself to sleep deeply,” you will soon fall asleep with ease after lying on your bed.

Sleep and Rest are Crucial to My Success

You know that sleep is an essential part of your life because your body needs rest to work better the following day. Once you get yourself to sleep, your body and mind re-energize and give you the ability to think better and make wonderful decisions. That means your chances of having a successful day get determined by the pleasant rest you get by simply murmuring the phrase “sleep and rest are crucial to my success.”

I Let Go of What I Can’t Control

Some things are beyond your control, and no matter how much you think about them, you can’t find answers. So, it is better to get yourself into your bed and repeatedly murmur, “I let go of what I can’t control.” This way, the words will have the power to eliminate any disturbing thoughts you can’t control. In addition, the simple words will make you fall asleep with zero stress and worries.

I am Healthy, and I Will Appreciate My Body with Good Rest

Your health is your wealth. A positive mind accompanies a healthy body. So, if you boast about one, you always try to think positively, exercise regularly, and consume healthy foods and drinks. Besides these, it also means that you’re fond of putting your body to rest after a busy day.

However, you can still have a healthy body and still struggle to sleep. If this is the case, worry not and try to chant this affirmation profoundly and with much focus, “I am healthy and I will appreciate my body with good rest.”

My Mindfulness Comes First

Peace of mind is vital, and you can only get it if you let your body rest. Sometimes life can throw you around in every corner, but it’s up to you to forget about all your troubles and get some sleep. This is easy, and all you have to do is repeat these words to yourself “my mindfulness comes first.” If you say it silently in deep belief, it will sink into your mind and get you to a pleasant rest.

Tomorrow Will Be A Fantastic Day

How about murmuring some positive words about tomorrow? You can say to yourself, “tomorrow will be a fantastic day” repeatedly. This positive affirmation can make your brain happy and calm your body for the much-desired rest. If said with great optimism, you will fall asleep slowly without knowing it and wake up to a glorious morning.

I am Happy and Satisfied with The Time I spend With My Family

Your home and family are where you can get ultimate joy. You get to share good times, meals, and memories with your loved ones at no cost. When you have a happy family, you get peace of mind and can focus on constructive things. However, with so much excitement when things are swaying well at home, chances are you can still lack some sleep sometimes. This becomes overwhelming if it goes on and on for days. If this is your case, you can murmur the phrase, “I am happy and satisfied with the time I spend with my family.”

I Gave My All Today to My Children, and That Is Enough

Being a mum calls for so much work and responsibility, especially if you are a stay-at home mum. With small children, you have a lot to do for the children, from listening to their tantrums and teaching them things to take care of them. By the end of the day, you get overwhelmed, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like you have done enough. But wait your still human, and you need some time out. You can only get this by sleeping and letting your mind and body have some rest. If you find it tough to sleep as a busy mum, try chanting this phrase “I gave my all today to my children, and that is enough.”

I Worked Well Enough Today for A Better Tomorrow

Working never gets enough. No matter how much effort you put into your work, it never ends, and there is always some more for tomorrow. However, if you worked hard enough for a day and gave it your best for significant results, then you can rest easy.

Rest when you get home after having dinner and a shower. Meditate on the words “I worked well enough today for a better tomorrow.” Repeat this word with a deep belief that you indeed did it. Let the words calm your mind and put you to sleep.

I Am A Good Dad, and I Do My Best for My Family

Sometimes, being the head of the family is tough, and you may feel you’re not doing enough. It is alright to feel this way because you cannot meet all your family’s needs at once. Take a day at a time and do what you can. If some things are out of your control, don’t force them to work. Instead, take time to meditate and rest.

One way of resting is ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams. Chant these sleep affirmation words with so much focus and belief in them. Say to yourself, “I am a wonderful dad and I do my best for my family.”

I Will Wake Up with So Much Energy Tomorrow Morning

We all long for a pleasant rest after a long day at work. After the rest, we crave to start a new day with so much energy and zeal to succeed in whatever we do. That is why it is essential to avoid negative thoughts throughout the day and before going to bed. This is because our minds linger on what went down during the entire time, we were awake.

So, if you experienced negative things during the day, the high chances are that you can find it tough to sleep. In case of such a case, ensure that you shut off everything terrible from your mind and chant with so much hope and belief that “I will wake up with so much energy tomorrow morning.”

I Love Myself

Self-love is everything. If you don’t love yourself, you can easily fall into negative thoughts that may cause insomnia for days and weeks. Insomnia becomes sickening over time and leads to stress and depression. So, try to love yourself hard and do good things that make you feel proud. Ensure that you stay positive and hopeful all day long. This way, you can have the pleasant rest that your body needs at night or any time of the day that you need it. However, if you still find it tough to gather some sleep, close your eyes and meditate on these words, “I love myself.” These are enough to put you to sleep in a few minutes if you believe in what you say.

Sleep Affirmation Styles

You can use affirmations in different ways, depending on your spirituality or tradition. For example, spiritual affirmations focus on the word’s vibration quality. Yoga sleeping affirmations involve touching some beads as you repeat your sleep affirmation words.

Some people chant sleep affirmations while still brushing their teeth before switching off the lights and lying on the bed. So, when they shut their eyes, the power of the affirmation will have taken the course and put them to rest. The most important thing is to focus on the affirmations and believe in the words as you chant them on the breath to let go of negative thoughts.

Remember, the critical aspect of sleep affirmations is repetition. Repetition changes your subconscious mind, and with much more practice, you sleep easily.

Choosing Sleep Affirmation

Although sleep affirmations are constructive in reducing nighttime anxieties and worries, it is crucial to understand that different affirmations work for other people. However, you can come up with affirmations that you feel can work best for you. You can come up with as many as you can by focusing on positive affirmations. For your affirmations to work, keep all your troubles away and give yourself time to relax.

However, if your choice affirmations cannot work effectively for one or two days, don’t quit on them. Instead, continue with the culture, and with time, your brain will get used to it, and you finally realize that they can now put you to sleep.

Wrap UP

Now that you understand what sleep affirmations are and have a few examples, you can try some if you have insomnia. First, however, practice the affirmations with deep focus, belief, and repetitively. It is also essential to stay positive for the affirmations to work for you. Otherwise, pick your favorite and enjoy a pleasant rest.