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What Is Kundalini Reiki and Its Healing Theory?

We often react to our immediate environment rather than be intentional about our behaviors and thought processes. Fortunately, through meditation, you can enter a state of heightened attention and live your life with greater intention and awareness. One excellent meditation technique that can help you achieve this is Kundalini Reiki.

What is kundalini reiki? Kundalini Reiki is a specific form of meditation that provides you with an avenue through which you can channel your energy and relieve yourself from stress-inducing agents. This article goes into detail about everything you need to know about this therapy and its healing properties.

What Is Kundalini Reiki?

The term ‘Kundalini Reiki’ is a form of medication that awakens the rolled-up or coiled energy that resides in your body at the bottom of your spine (level of the root chakra). To do this, it employs raw evolutionary force (Kundalini) and the divinely-guided universal synergy of Reiki to activate your energy channels quickly. After activation, you will not only feel exceptionally well connected to your mental, spiritual, and physical feelings but also to the source of life.

Note: Kundalini Reiki is derived from the traditional Reiki system but is not a substitute for physiological diagnosis and treatment. The therapy can be used on its own or to complement other forms of therapy. However, practitioners never make prescriptions, diagnose conditions, perform medical treatment, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Origin of Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini meditation traditions in the Hindu culture date back to approximately 1000-500 BC. Unfortunately, the exact origins of Kundalini Reiki are not known. It was mainly popularized in the western region by Yogi Bhajan, who later introduced and developed his unique form of Kundalini yoga in the United States in the late ’60s. Since then, the Kundalini meditation has grown in popularity as one of the most effective ways of promoting mindfulness, stress relief, and awareness.

Levels of Kundalini Reiki

Through the Kundalini Reiki course, your chakras and energy channels are balanced and cleansed due to the activation of the powerful Kundalini energy. There are three main levels of the Kundalini Reiki course: beginners, advanced and masters. The levels are as follows:

· Level 1

Also called the beginners level. During this first attunement, your healing channels, crown, hand, and heart chakras are opened to the Kundalini Reiki energy and strengthened. Furthermore, you learn how to perform a Kundalini Reiki healing effectively.

· Level 2

Also called the advanced level. At this level, your partial Kundalini awakening takes place. As a result, the Kundalini fire will be able to travel all the way from your base chakra to your solar plexus chakra, preparing you for the full Kundalini awakening that takes place in the next level. You will also learn how to channel a wider range of Kundalini healing energy that will increase the power of your Kundalini fire.

· Level 3 (Kundalini Reiki master)

Also called the Kundalini Reiki master level. At this level, your solar plexus, sacral, base chakras and throat are all opened and strengthened to facilitate the full rising of the Kundalini fire. You will also learn how to access the full range of Kundalini Reiki energy that will enable you to attune others and even crystals so that they may serve as energy channels. As soon as you complete this level, you will be able to teach others levels 1, 2, and 3 energy activations.

Important: When you advance to the third level and acquire the title of Kundalini Reiki Master, you will not only be able to heal yourself but also heal others either directly or remotely with the release of your Kundalini energy.

· Levels 4 to 9 (or Boosters 1 to 6)

These are additional levels where you will gain six additional energy activation boosters to strengthen and increase your energy channels, allowing even larger amounts of Kundalini energy to flow through you. Furthermore, you will be able to pass this energy and all the other healing energies to others once you have received them.

How Does Kundalini Reiki Work?

Kundalini energy is rolled up at everyone’s root chakra, and although it remains dormant in many people, it immediately rolls out from top to bottom once activated. Kundalini Reiki works by helping you activate this energy, making it possible for you to experience psychological, physical, and emotional healing.

By continuously working on your Kundalini energy, you will develop spiritually, get to know the real you, and learn how to productively organize your life according to your ideals.

How Does Kundalini Energy Affect Your Self-Development?

After getting the answer to ‘what is kundalini reiki,’ most people wish to know why it is done. Once activated, Kundalini energy directly affects your body and mind, allowing you to heal yourself and others. One of the notable benefits of the Kundalini meditation is the improvement of your awareness and intention to your daily life. Other amazing benefits include:

  • Creating increased awareness of your body
  • Bringing balance to your mind, body and soul
  • Bringing you into a mindful state by altering your automatic daily routines
  • Improving your concentration spun by eliminating any random thoughts that will throw you off balance
  • Educating you on the proper way to breathe and expand your lung capacity
  • Enhancing your emotional balance and brain patterns
  • Enhancing your creative energy to enable you to tackle difficult projects in life      
  • Reducing your anxiety levels
  • Aiding you to find a sense of peace by releasing stress   
  • Improving your cognitive functioning   
  • Improving your sleep patterns and alleviating your sleep-related issues

Scientific Proof of Kundalini Reiki Benefits

Research linked with the Kundalini yoga meditation has shown that the practice provides practitioners with the following key benefits:

Improved cognitive function – Kundalini yoga has been shown to be key to memory enhancement training as a potential treatment for cognitive impairment. The results seem to prove that it can improve the executive functioning of the body, especially in older people.

Alleviated Stress – Kundalini meditation is effective against immediate stress relief and helpful for other medical stress-induced conditions such as insomnia and cardiovascular disease.

Reduced anxiety – According to a 2018 study, Kundalini yoga could significantly reduce any symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

What Is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is feminine energy (Shakti) that seeks to be released so that it can combine with divine masculine energy (Shiva). Once released, it unravels and undulates up through the spine to emerge at the crown chakra as it opens your body and soul to the divine energies that trigger awakening.

The Kundalini energy awakening process is a very powerful process that enables you to merge with the oneness of creation, promoting spiritual enlightenment, consciousness, love, peace, growth and healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Once awakened, your ability to feel and connect to universal energy, vitality, and energy will be enhanced.

How to Activate Kundalini Energy

To activate the Kundalini energy, you will need to pull the universal life energy through the earth’s energy in a downward movement along your energy channel. Normally, the process produces a powerful and warm energy source at your sacral chakra that purifies and stimulates your body and spirit.

Once this energy merges with masculine energy (Shiva), an extremely powerful process will take place to awaken your Kundalini energy. You will then immediately experience all the positive effects of this awakening.

How Does Kundalini Energy Feel?

In most cases, people that activate the Kundalini energy experience different sensations or even nothing at all but, which is normal. The following are some of the different sensations you may experience:

  • Your body twitching or moving spontaneously. You may also feel the urge to move or stretch.
  • Sensations such as heat, cold or tingling in your fingers, soles of the feet, palms, root chakra, crown chakra or third eye.    
  • Pressure or a cold flow of energy as if a cool hand is gently pressing against your skin. This is common in the third eye. 
  • You may feel the energy moving through you or feel it move to a place where its healing energy is working.  
  • You may experience numerous emotional releases such as sadness, anger, joy, crying, pain or soreness, especially when the energy specifically targets an area that needs healing.
  • You may also feel like sleeping, which is fine because the energy works regardless of your wakefulness.  
  • You may also see sparkles, bright lights, fireworks of colors or any other vision.

How Is Kundalini Meditation Performed?

Kundalini meditation is a very comprehensive process, and it is advisable for beginners to initially try it with a practitioner, following along with a guided meditation. That said, you can try some of the basics on your won through the following steps:

Step 1: Find Something to Wear

It is advisable to wear loose, comfortable, cotton clothing. Your clothes should also be fresh, clean, and ideally light-colored to enhance the feeling of lightness.

Step 2: Pick a Time

Any time will work, such as first thing in the morning or before sleeping at night. Nonetheless, avoid meditating after a heavy meal when digestion is still in progress.

Step 3: Find a Location

Kundalini meditation can be done anywhere, but for your practice to be more effective, try to find a place that is quiet, distraction-free, and has a comfortable temperature.

Step 4: Position Yourself

Choose a position that is comfortable for you. For example, you could sit on the floor cross-legged, prop yourself on a pillow, or sit on a chair with your weight on your feet. Once you are comfortable, close your eyes lightly to around 90 percent. Doing this will help you focus on your third eye. With your eyes closed, turn your gaze to the space in the center of your head between your eyebrows (your third eye).

Step 5: Determine the Duration of Practice

Kundalini meditation practice can last anywhere from five minutes to two and a half hours, depending on your level of training and preferences. Whatever duration you choose for your sessions, set a timer, so you know when to stop.

Step 6: Pick a Mantra 

Choose a mantra that you will repeat and visualize during your session. You can pick whichever mantra you want, but one good example for beginners is the mantra ‘’sat nam, ’which means ‘’ truth is my identity’’. With the mantra chosen, chant it out loud, silently in your head or as a loud whisper.

Step 7: Incorporate Mudras 

In most training sessions, the Kundalini technique often involves the use of hand positions (mudras). For example, if you want to promote patience and commitment, you could try the Shuni mudra, which involves touching your middle finger to your thumb.

Step 8: Slow Your Breathing 

At this point, you need to notice and gradually slow your breathing. The target is to manage one inhale-exhale round in 7 to 8 seconds. Once you have a rhythm mastered, break down your inhaling and exhaling into segments with some pauses in between.

Step 9: Follow Your Breath

as you continue to repeat your mantra, do your mudras, and breath, you should focus on how your breath moves through your body. Follow its movement and bring your focus back to your mantra, mudra, and breath if it starts to wander.

Step 10: Finish the Meditation 

Keep on breathing and repeating your mantra until your timer indicates that it is time to stop. Finish the session by taking a deep breath, raising your arms or holding your palms together and then exhaling.

Kundalini Reiki and Other Healing Therapies

Kundalini Reiki makes use of the universal life energy, much like other therapies such as magnetism, yoga, laying on hands, and traditional Reiki. Consequently, you can easily combine these therapies to magnify the power of your kundalini energy. The result will be faster energy awakening and more activated energy.


What is kundalini reiki? Now that we have answered this question in the best possible way, you can begin your journey to awakening. Kundalini energy will awaken in you healing powers to alleviate your physical, mental, and spiritual elements, stimulating self-development in the process. What’s more, you can share this healing energy with your loved ones remotely or from a distance.

If you are interested in trying Kundalini meditation, it is important to know that it is perfectly okay to start small. Even five minutes of this therapy can have immense impacts on your spirit and body. You should also be prepared to feel some effects of the energy flowing through your body, healing you.