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Who is Catherine Ponder and Some of her Notable Books

Catherine Ponder (born September 21, 1927) is an American New Thought minister, author and lecturer. She was a pioneer in promoting prosperity consciousness teachings through affirmative prayer. Her books have been published in 14 languages and are widely read throughout the world.

She was born and raised in the Deep South. She was educated at Duke University and the University of Southern California, and has served as president of the American Religious Publicity Directors organization. As a minister of metaphysics for more than sixty years, she has traveled extensively around the world, giving workshops and seminars on prosperity. She is the author of twelve books on prosperity consciousness that have been translated into seven languages.

She is a minister in the Unity Church and has authored many books on prosperity. She wrote her first book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, while teaching part-time at the Unity School of Christianity in Kansas City, Missouri. Following that initial success, she left her job to write full-time.

Catherine Ponder’s teachings stress the beneficial use of affirmations as a way to overcome life’s problems and achieve prosperity. She has written many books on the subject, which have been published in multiple languages and are suitable for people of all religions.Ponder was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina on October 12, 1927. She credits the popular Unity minister Myrtle Filmore as an early influence on her life and career.

Some of the books written by her are;

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (1962)

This book is dedicated to those who practice the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, and who share them with others; to those who use these laws for the highest good of all.

Open Your Mind to Prosperity (1966)

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their life. Catherine Ponder has been helping people improve their lives for over 50 years, and this book outlines the principles of mind power that she has been teaching for all these years.

By applying the principles in this book, you can achieve whatever you want. Your mind is limitless, and with the help of this book, you’ll realize that there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

The Dynamic Laws of Healing (1969)

The Dynamic Laws of Healing book to everyone who wants to save money on medical bills, and doesn’t mind a little hard work.

For more than 30 years, The Dynamic Laws of Healing has been one of the most popular and respected works on natural health and healing. Its author, Catherine Ponder, a pioneer in the mind-body-spirit movement, explains how our thoughts and emotions virtually create disease—and how we can use our thoughts to create health.

Your Forces and How to Use Them (1972)

Your Forces and How to Use Them by Catherine Ponder is a classic law of attraction book. It has been around for decades and the message is still powerful today. In the book, Ponder teaches you how to use the law of attraction to create abundance in your life.

The law of attraction has long been known as a powerful spiritual technique. However, many people still don’t know how to make it work for them. This is where Catherine Ponder comes in. In her book, she spells out exactly what you need to do in order to make the law of attraction work for you.

The Healing Secrets of Jesus: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Healing (1974)

In this book, she explains how prayer and faith can heal physical ailments and emotional problems. The author gives practical instructions on how to use these healing methods.

Ponder begins by introducing the reader to the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. She explains that Jesus was a healer and that he healed people of all kinds of illnesses. Next, she discusses how prayer and meditation can help us in our daily lives. She tells us that we must focus on God when we pray, because God is all powerful.

Catherine Ponder (1922-2001) was a best-selling author, a spiritual researcher and healer, and a renowned teacher. She possessed an amazing psychic skill, which allowed her to read the Akashic Records of the universe. The “records” are the books of life for every soul that has ever lived on earth, and she could access them. She could also heal people in pain by helping them recall their past lives. CATHERINE PONDER IS HER NAME.